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3D Animation-Modeling and Game Design

3D Animation, Video Game Design, and Programming Classes and Club

3D Animation students with their teacherIn our two elective classes we are studying two of the hottest fields in the world. They are 3D animations, and video game design and programming . So we are also learning computer programming and starting on the path into computer science also. 

For 3D animation we use Autodesk Maya the same program that was used to make the movies Avatar and The Hobbit. It is the industry standard for all of the major studios, animation houses, and video game companies. So by learning and acquiring the skills to use Maya we are preparing for future exciting careers. This includes 3D animations and models, special affects, cartoons, and virtual reality.

Student 3D Modeling on the computerFor our video game design and programming class we use Unity3D (used to make the video game "Assassins Creed") and a program from Autodesk called Stingray. The video game market is one of fastest growing industries in the world and will offer all sorts of job possibilities in the future.


3D Bunkbed

Our 3D animations, 3D models, and our own video games programs. are all based on math and so they will enhance and expand our understanding of math. They are also based on computer programming so we are also preparing for degrees in Computer Science.

3D Planet on fire

3D computer animation combines 3D models of objects and programmed or "keyframed" movement. All 3D Models are constructed out of geometrical vertices, faces, and edges in a 3D coordinate system. In other words the code and the concepts are all built on the use of geometry.

3D Flaming balls

Computer animation uses many different methods of math to produce animations. Most frequently, sophisticated mathematics is used to manipulate complex three dimensional polygons, apply textures, create lighting and other effects that are then mapped on to the polygons and then rendered to create the image. Another mathematical technique called constructive solid geometry defines objects by conducting boolean operations on regular shapes, thus allowing animations to be accurately produced at any resolution. To create this image the computer uses math to calculate how to project this image, defined by three dimensional data, onto a two dimensional computer screen.

Our plan is to have our students get two to three years of experience in Middle School followed by four years at our high schools. That should give them the skills to work in the industry or to go to one of the top colleges.

We hope to have our students compete with their 3D models, 3D animations, and video games. We also invite our students to build their own portfolio and put their work up on their own Google Drive.