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PBIS Expectations for Success

Schoolwide Expectations for Success

Positive Behavior Interventions & Support (PBIS)

Roosevelt Steam MS logoPBIS is a positive, proactive approach to shaping behavior. Students are given a clear set of expectations based upon behavioral goals chosen by all staff members.  The behavioral expectations are taught just like an academic subject. The expectations are modeled and then practiced by by our students. Motivational incentives are identified and employed to propel expected behaviors. Ongoing data collection and analysis occurs to help guide and direct behavioral interventions.

Roosevelt’s PBIS Mission Statment of Purpose

Theodore Roosevelt Middle School is dedicated to fostering a safe, positive, and respectful school culture where every student's behavioral, social, and academic success are equally important.  

Our expectations are that we will teach and positively reinforce these expectations throughout the school year. Our expectations for all RMS students are that all Roosevelt Rough Riders are: 

  • Respectful
  • Responsible
  • Ready
  • Safe

We believe that by helping students practice good behavior, we will build a school community where all students have an environment where they can succeed and grow. 

Our expectations for success are specific to areas of the campus: