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Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement

Preparing Our Students for Their Future!

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Welcome to the Roosevelt Middle School Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) web page. We have been part of the MESA Schools Program since 2007. Our MESA Center is California State University, Los Angeles.

The MESA Schools Program is administered through CSULA’s College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology (ESCT), home to the internationally recognized Solar Eagle Project. We are proud of the accomplishments of our MESA Center and appreciate the dedication of the MESA Program’s staff to help Roosevelt’s MESA students achieve their goals.

 2017/2018 Winners  6th Grade Team Math, 1st Place 2017/18               

7th/8th Grade Team Math, 1st Place 2017/18


1st Place Egg Drop - 2016

1st Place Bridges - 2016

1st Place Gliders - 2016

1st Place Egg Drop - 2015

1st Place Bridges - 2015

1st Place Glider - 2015

1st Place Mousetrap Car - 2014

2nd Place Bridges - 2014

3rd Place Gliders - 2014

The goal of Roosevelt's MESA Program is to develop student interest in the fields of mathematics, engineering, and science by engaging them in Project Based Learning. Students learn by engaging in complicated but interesting projects that stimulate their natural curiosity. They are guided through the learning process, but they must devise solutions on their own. Students are also responsible for reading and following the rules for each project. Every project much have an official entry form and competition checklist. Some also include a project summary or lab report. 

Projects must pass an official inspection. If a project has not been built to specifications, it will be disqualified. If the project is disqualified, it is the responsibility of the student to learn why it was disqualified. Project parameters can sometimes be ambiguous. When this occurs, our students are also taught how to defend the integrity of their projects and their understanding of the rules.  At the end of the competition, our students know they've done all of the work and they are ultimately responsible for the outcome. This is just one of many life skills they learn from MESA.

To learn about a former MESA student who is now a NASA astronaut, click on the following link