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Traffic and Safety

Student Drop off and Pickup

  • Please DO NOT allow your child to run across Acacia Avenue without using the designated crosswalk, which is located north of the school at Glendale Ave. It is extremely dangerous to have children running in and out of traffic during the drop off/pick times.
  • Please DO NOT let your child exit the vehicle while you are still in traffic lanes.
  • Please DO NOT drop your child off across the street from the school. This area is not designated for drop off.
  • Please DO NOT drive into the teacher parking lot for drop off or pick up.
  • Please DO NOT Park in front of the school during drop off or pick up times. This area is strictly for drop off and pick up of students. Parked cars will be ticketed.
  • Please DO NOT Double Park at any time. Double, parked cars will be ticketed.
  • PLEASE, PLEASE follow the signs and flow of traffic.

It is extremely important for all parents to follow these rules/laws for the safety of the students. We realize that traffic during these times is difficult and we will also be working with our students to follow traffic rules. For the safety of our students, parents, and staff members we ask that you pay strict attention to the rules and laws and also consider some of the following suggestions.


  • Leave earlier for drop off or arrive later for pick up.
  • Car pool.
  • Keep vehicle speeds low near school and on surrounding residential streets.
  • Pay strict attention to driving and do not become distracted (i.e.: cell phones, excessive talking, loud music) while driving near the school.
  • Consider dropping off/picking up your child at an alternative location near school.
  • Encourage your child to walk or bike to school.

We want ALL students to be safe! Thank you.