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Coding with Javascript

Get the competitive edge for life:  Glendale Unified School District and Roosevelt Middle School are providing a fantastic opportunity for students to learn Coding!

CODING is the language that sets students apart for college applicationshigh-paying jobs and becoming the creator of technology instead of the end-user. 

Drawing & Animation with JavaScript Code!!

JavaScript is one of the most important & dynamic programming languages!  It’s widely used from game development to fashion design and is the language used to bring all websites to life!  Students will create art and make games --  they’ll draw characters and rockets blasting off, make snow fall, fish swim and games like Magic 8-Ball and ping-pong ----- all with JavaScript code!  In the process, they’ll learn what booleans are; how to use pixels, processing and the fundamental coding concepts necessary for all programming languages. 

  • For 2017-18, Coding will be held after school on Tuesdays with THE CODING SCHOOL.  For more information, students should see their counselor.