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Associated Student Body (ASB)

Roosevelt Middle School’s Associated Student Body (ASB) represents all of the Roughriders in decision-making and event planning. The main goal for students enrolled in this elective class is to promote school spirit and pride, encourage high-standards of scholarship and citizenship, and create positive relations among students, staff and community members.  ASB students are expected to actively participate in the planning an execution of school activities that include but not limited to after school dances, lunch time activities, spirit days, assemblies, Open House and Back to School Night.

ASB students are divided up into committees (Activities, Spirit, Recognition and Finance), each of which are headed by the elected student officers. Committee membership lasts for a quarter, and each student will serve in each of the committees throughout the school year.

The leadership positions associated with ASB come with a lot of privileges and responsibility, both of which need to be taken seriously.Behavior unbecoming of an ASB student will result in disciplinary actions and possible removal from ASB class.